A new beginning

We've gone back to the drawing board to figure out what exactly the
community wanted and we think you will be quite pleased.

Lots Of Exciting New Features To Bring The Best
Experience To You.

Active Staff

Build with peace! We have over a dozen mature staff that are standing by to help.

New Minigames

Completely unique gamemodes made for just our network. No more generic servers!

Great Community

Join our community - a loving, fun and varied group of individuals from around the globe. Everyone is here to have fun!


Compete against everyone else in the servers around you!

DDoS Protected

We use enterprise standard DDoS protection! So less waiting and more playing!

Ranking System

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The Most Unforgettable Experience You Have Ever
Had On Any Other Server.

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Watch The Video New Features

Check Out Our Great Collection Of Servers!
All Of Them, Free To Join.

Clan Wars

Adventure! Explore! Conquest! Destroy! Build! The choice is yours!

Towny Survival

In this classic gamemode the idea .

Cops & Robbers

Escape! Be a cop or robber! Choice is yours!


Whether you want to build a TnT cannon or spawn hundreds of cows their is room for you!