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Many moons ago we were known as the MyCreeper Network.  Over the last two years we have made the switch over from being known as MyCreeper to WoopGaming.  I think it's fair to say that now is the time to retire the MyCreeper.Net domain name as it is obsolete and frankly costs me money that could be used for other things.

"MyCreeper.net" is set to expire about a week after new years. I recommend making the domain switch to "WoopGaming.com" after reading this so you don't forget. I may decide to reroute traffic on MyCreeper.net to a placeholder page which will tell you to use "WoopGaming.com".  I'm giving a heads up notice far in advance to make sure we don't have another incident like we did with the last domain that we discontinued and I know a lot of the community doesn't get on religiously. If you know someone who plays but doesn't check the website please inform them to change there IP to "WoopGaming.com".  This change will also affect all servers on the woop network so if you use our teamspeak server you will also need to change your ip address.


- Nullup


tl;dr - Stop using "MyCreeper.Net" because I'm not renewing it again. Use "woopgaming.com" for now on.

Note to self: adjust width of new posts to be even with the actual forum posts, this is annoying.

29 Oct 2015, 14:07 2 | 304

I know a lot of you guys don't like teamspeak for numerous reasons so I wanted to test out a new alternative called Discord.  It doesn't require you to download anything if you don't want and it's user interface is extremely easy to navigate and looks very visually appealing.  It also comes with some nice securities to ensure that no issues arise like they do in Skype.  Essentially Discord combines the best of Teamspeak and Skype into one and adds on a web client that can be used to voice chat even.  Depending on how well Discord works for us I may look into making it a permanent replacement for Teamspeak.

If you want to help try it out then just click this link to be invited.

16 Sep 2015, 13:22 1 | 469

This morning I was informed that Woop.ga was bought by someone else. This happened because .ga domains are all free, but if someone sees a name that they want they can pay the company that owns .ga to give them the domain for a large amount of money.  Sadly, I did not have nearly enough to reserve a 4 letter ga name so I never actually purchased it.

If you have been using the woop.ga domain to connect you should switch over to woopgaming.com as it is the only domain that is guaranteed reliablity.

Sorry for the inconvenience and please make sure to tell everyone you know that plays the server on skype or other messaging services because I can guarantee a lot of people only used woop.ga

03 Sep 2015, 09:09 1 | 454

So last night I decided to push an update to some of the coding that runs the core server in an attempt to fix the performance issues that have continued to get worse over the last few months.  One of the notible changes is that I increased the servers allocated ram from 4GB to 16GB and allocated more during the startup to allow for quicker restarts.  So far I have found one issue with the latest update which was quickly patched but it is still fairly untested with the only reliable source was the wiki page about it.


What does this mean?

Not much for you other than you might see the occassional hickup but overall the server should run a lot more smoother for now on.


You say you fixed the lag, but I still am lagging!

We use lag to explain many things in Minecraft and it can get quite confusing.  The lag you are most likely experiencing is issues with your latency with the server since the server is hosted in Montreal, Canada.  The people who most likely will have this lag are people who are not in North America and usually can not be fixed because it's just due to the sheer distance from the server. The lag that I fixed was the TPS lag, which was causing things to slow down and often caused some players to have large delays on chunk generation or commands to be actually executed.

01 Sep 2015, 20:06 2 | 551

When you are registering your account it will make you verify an email saying it's really you.  I can almost guarantee it will be located in  the Spam folder right now because I have no clue how to setup a secured email system to tie into the forum software.  Don't worry, the emails are safe just Gmail and other email providers use certain requirements to sent mail directly to your inbox which I am still learning.

31 Aug 2015, 07:57 1 | 438