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When you are registering your account it will make you verify an email saying it's really you.  I can almost guarantee it will be located in  the Spam folder right now because I have no clue how to setup a secured email system to tie into the forum software.  Don't worry, the emails are safe just Gmail and other email providers use certain requirements to sent mail directly to your inbox which I am still learning.

31 Aug 2015, 07:57 1 | 5

Welcome to the new website! I know you all are most likely tired of these "new" sites every few months due to one reason or another it kept happening.  But, I believe this is going to be our forum software for the future.  The code is completely open-sourced so it's free and easy to customize.  There is a ton of customization that I can do and have already begun doing so.  This new site will have tie-ins with the donation site by being able to sync the page over and also sync the ranks to ranks on the forum in the near future.  You will be able to do all your votes through the site soon and get rewards.  We are also looking into the possibility of a bans list with a built-in bans appeal form. There is a page posted on the forums regarding the rules and regulations of the teamspeak, forums, website, and servers which can be accessed by clicking "Rules" at the bottom right of the page.

I'll have some more posts up soon, feel free to start contributing on the forum and give me some suggestions :)

26 Aug 2015, 08:18 1 | 23